The following procedure should be followed when applying for SBCEUS through your ISD-This is a sample from Wayne County
Dear School Psychologist,

You recently completed the SB-CEU offering, Mathemataics AYP 2009 K-8 Number & Operations, and your record of completion has been uploaded to the Michigan Department of Education’s (MDE) Secure Central Registry.

So that SB-CEUs may be awarded to you, it is necessary that create a Personal Account and complete a required common evaluation for the offering. The evaluation must be completed within 30 days of receipt of this email in order for SB-CEUs to be awarded.

To create an account, go to, click on Create Account on the right side of the screen and follow the instructions provided.

The attendee information uploaded by the SB-CEU Coordinator is:
First Name: ________________________
Last Name: ________________________
Email: _____________________________

In order for this information to be uploaded correctly, the first name, last name and email address must match your personal information in the system. If the information shown above is incorrect, please contact the SB-CEU Coordinator as soon as possible so that they can correct the information and re-upload your attendee record. If the information uploaded by the sponsor is correct, use this exact information when creating your account.

To access the evaluation, log in at, review your personal account information, then click Save. On the next screen, click on “To access the Secure Central Registry (SCR), click here to continue”. Click on Access Evaluations Due at the top of the next screen to access any incomplete evaluations.

If you encounter difficulties setting up your Personal Account or accessing the evaluation, contact the Website Administrator by clicking on Website Administrator or calling 517-327-5925.

To access the Secure Central Registry along with other online Professional Development Information, go to


Suleiman Hamdan
Wayne Co. RESA

Link to SB-CEU Approved Programs

Link to MDE State Board Continuing Education Units(SB-CEU)