Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the M.A.S.P. Bylaws?

2. Where are the MASP Board Meetings held ? MAP To University Club

3. What are the Regional Director Responsibilities?

4. How do I obtain email and addresses of members?

MASP Member and Non-Member information and labels may be obtained by emailing Nancy Korbel (MASP bookkeeper) at:

5. How do I obtain letter head and envelopes?

The MASP secretary will bring letter head and envelopes to the MASP Board Meetings.

6. How do I obtain reimbursement for travel and other expenses?

Reimbursement for stamps, mileage (.22 for Board Meetings not prior to conferences), copying, etc. may be obtained by completing the Reimbursement Form obtained from the Treasurer. Expeditures must be approved by the finance committee if over the amount of the orignial budget &/or for expenses exceding $100.

7. How do I request financial support from MASP for holding a workshop?

Workshops requiring financial support from MASP, must be pre-approved by the finance committee via the MASP Treasurer. The Financial Request Form must be completed by the regional director and submitted to the treasurer at least two months  prior to the proposed event.

8. How do I obtain SB-CEU's for my workshop?

MASP is no longer providing SB-CEUs for individuals. SBCEUS will be provided at conferences.

9. Outside of workshops with a speaker, are there any other ways to provide training opportunites for my region?

Regional Directors may hold monthly meetings with their members either during lunch or after work. If 6 meetings are held during the year, 3.0 SB-CEUs may be requested. Strict guidelines must be met in order to apply for the SB-CEUS.  Contact your local ISD for directions!!

10. Where is my region? Region Map.

11. Link to sample letters:Contractual Positions