School Violence Prevention-Promoting School Safety

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Has a Crisis Plan been developed?
Was the Crisis Plan developed in cooperation with community members-police, fire, rescue, psychologists, hospital, etc.? Do they have a copy of the Crisis Plan?
Crisis Plan has a mission statement?
Consistent and clear discipline statements are in place and enforced in schools?
Parents are encouraged to participate in sustaining safe & healthy schools?
A system is in place to identify troubled students who may pose a threat to others?
Is there a method for students, staff & community members to report threats & suspicious incidents?
Is there a different response levels for various degrees of crisis responses?
Has each building been assessed for safety and security by appropriate personnel (school, police, fire, etc)?
Are there methods for sufficient communication (walkie talkies, cell phones, multiple phone lines, etc) available during a crisis?
Is 2-way communication available in each room?
Is there a visitor registration and sign-in procedure in place?
Is there a dispute resolution training program for students and teachers?
Is there staff awareness of law enforcement and rescue crew procedures in a crisis (who is in command)?
Is there an emergency lock down procedure in place in the schools and is it practiced?
Have the schools be evaluated for safety (safe keeping of chemicals, removal of potential weapons, etc)
Have the parochial buildings in your district been involved with the crisis team?
Is there an updated list of phone numbers, email addresses, etc available for elected officials, TV Stations, Railroad Emergencies, etc.?
Are there methods in place to identify Crisis Team members?
Is there a community wide Crisis Team in place? Are the members clearly identified?
Has there been crisis training opportunities for staff?
Are all staff members aware of the Crisis Team and the purpose of having a plan ?

Response Plan

Is there a mechanism in place for police to notify school officials of critical incidents impacting schools?
Is there a clear chain of command in a crisis situation outlined?
Are the actions and responsibilities outlined for each staff member?
Is there a reunion area identified for students, staff and parents in a crisis?
Is there clear bus routes and adequate transportation available for a crisis?
Is there a system established for releasing students to care givers and method for student identification?
Is there a plan to obtain volunteer support?
Are there maps of school grounds with exits identified?
Is there a command post identified with adequate communication channels available?
Is there a procedure for notification and announcements of events to families?
Is there a procedure in place for canceling school, early dismissal, or using a school for shelter?
Is there a fan out system to all staff established?
Is there a plan to report and respond to copycat incidents and threats?
Is there a defined policy and procedure for responding to the media?

Aftermath Crisis Intervention

Is there a plan for providing adequate counseling for students and staff?
Is there a plan for the 1st day back to school after a crisis?
Is there a plan for alternate sites if a school building is destroyed?
Is there a plan to help people deal with funerals and memorial services?
Are there pre-designed articles for parents and staff related to crisis topics?
Is there a plan for additional support for troubled students?
Is there a plan to anticipate events that might trigger difficulties?
Is there a plan for the need for increased numbers of substitute teachers?
Is there a plan to address grieving?
Is there a plan to address memorials, remembrances, etc.
Does your Crisis Team include teachers, administrators, school social workers, school psychologists, nurses, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, parents and representatives from key community services (police, fire, mayors office, clergy?)
Does your Crisis Team meet at least three times a year to review procedures?