My name is Jackie Tobey and I am a full-time School Psychologist in the Lincoln Park Public Schools.  I have many interests within the field, but generally speaking they center around prevention, diversity, and
international school psychology.  In addition to the traditional duties associated with assessment, I spend my time consulting with colleagues (primarily on behavioral issues) and working with small groups of students on a variety of issues such as social skills and coping with grief/loss.

What makes MASP's Region 11 unique?

In my opinion, what makes Region 11 unique is our commitment to collaboration.  Every month we take time out of our schedules (which is no small feat!) to meet and discuss the challenges we face on a daily basis. We also have the opportunity to learn about current issues and local resources from the presentations.  Through this process we minimally find a source of support, but usually and optimally come away with new ideas to make us more effective practitioners.

Are there any special projects in your district?

In terms of current projects, in Lincoln Park we are working hard at implementing a successful Response to Intervention model.  It is a work in progress, but we are making huge strides and I am hopeful that it is providing the additional support that our students need to reach their future goals.

What advice would you give new school psychologists?

The advice that I would give to new School Psychologists or to those struggling with rule changes is to remain flexible and open-minded; hold onto those therapeutic skills you learned in graduate school!  I think those are key when you are facing a difficult parent, colleague, or situation. EVERYTHING is a process.  I try to set small goals that are within my control.  Yoga helps too!

Jackie Tobey