Wyandotte, MI
Center Based Programs

Madison School (4460 18th Street, 734-759-6400)
3-26 years: Severely Cognitively Impaired
3-26 years: Severely Multiply Impaired

The Lincoln Center (891 Goddard, 734-759-5900)
3-15 years: Moderately Cognitively Impaired
3-26 years: Autism Spectrum Disorder
3-26 years: Cognitively Impaired & Emotional Impaired

JoBrighton Skill Center (4460 18th Street, 734-759-6300)
16-26 years: Moderately Cognitively Impaired
oPlease contact D. Burrows with further questions regarding criteria for placement.

Lincoln Park Visually Impaired Program

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Wyandotte, MI
Center Based Programs