DASP Area School Psychologists
D.A.S.P. 2014-15 Schedule

Meeting Location: Holiday Inn in Southgate -11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Holiday Inn

17201 Northline Road

Southgate, MI

(734) 283-4400

At his request Howard’s Jan.  presentation was moved from Jan. to May when he will present on The Spec Ed Hearing Process.

I (John) presented on Positive Psychology at the Jan. DASP meeting. Unfortunately I was not able to provide handouts at the presentation. The following is a link to a Positive psychology Fact Sheet.  This fact sheet covers:

·         What is positive psychology?
·         Practical strategies to increase your level of happiness
·         Finding meaning
·         Lots of positive psych exercises and resources to get more information on Positive Psychology.


Below is a link to a web site I developed for my High School. The web site is designed to be a resource for students, parents and staff looking for information about challenges high school students may encounter and resources such as Special Education and 504 plans available to all students who qualify for such services.   Donna will try and have it added to the DASP web site.

If you would like to adapt it for your own use let me know and I will send you copies of the web pages


All of our slots for presentations are filled for the rest of the year!!  : )

See the Schedule below.


Sept 8 , 2014     Sharon Dusney     STATUS OF MICH SPEC ED RULES


Nov 10, 2014                       TOM McHENRY                                  Discuss the BRIEF, CPT-3 and CATA tests,  A-D/HD pre-assessment.

Dec 8, 2014                         KAREN KHOFFMAN-HERINUS          The Guidance Center

Jan 12, 2015                        JOHN CLAY                                        Positive Psychology

Feb 9, 2015                          MARIA SELLA                                     TBI

March 9, 2015                      WENDY BRADLEY                             DSM-5

April 13, 2015                       DAVID MAXWELL                                History of NASP, MASP and School Psychology

May 11, 2015                        Howard Berlin                                     The Spec Ed Hearing Process

June 8, 2015                        KATIE GINDIN                                     The Ready, Set, Relax Program

We meet the second Monday of each month 11:15'ish until 12:45.  People first get lunch at the buffet (limited buffet--salad bar only) and the meeting actually starts between 11:30 and 11:45.

We meet at the Holiday Inn Southgate (Detroit-South) 17201 Northline Road Southgate, US 48195

Please remember to share an agenda with John (CLAYMASP@AOL.COM) prior to the meeting.

Thank you!

John Clay
DASP School Committee