Regional Directors

1. Regional Directors are voting members of the Executive Board.

2. Regional Directors must be members of the Association and elected by the membership of the specific region represented. (M.A.S.P. Membership Form)

3.The duties of Regional Directors include:  Attending all Executive Board meetings during their term of office, submitting annual regional goals, objectives and budget requests to the Chairperson of the Fiscal Advisory Committee, keeping region members informed of M.A.S.P. issues via regional newsletters, organizing and conducting at least one regional meeting/workshop per year, working to increase M.A.S.P. membership within the region, encouraging participation in the Association, and submitting at least one region report for publication in The Michigan Psych Report per year.

4. Regional Directors shall be elected for a term of two years, beginning on July 1.

5. One voting Regional Director Alternate will be recognized as such by the Executive Board. The Alternate will be able to exercise voting privileges in the absence of the Regional Director.

6. If a vacancy occurs in either the Regional Director or the Alternate position before the term expires, the President shall appoint a person to fill the vacancy subject to the approval of the Executive Board.

E.Regional Directors' Coordinator

1. The Regional Directors' Coordinator is appointed by the President, with the approval of the Executive Council, for a period of one year,  beginning July 1.

2. The Regional Directors' Coordinator shall be a current member of the MASP Executive Board. The Coordinator shall have had at least one year of service with MASP as a Board member immediately preceding his or her appointment as Coordinator.

3.The duties of the Regional Directors' Coordinator will be to assist the Regional Directors in fulfilling their responsibilities and to assist the Executive Council in communications with the Regional Directors.  Other duties may be assigned by the Executive Council as needed.

4. The Regional Directors’ Coordinator shall conduct a review of the regional structure every three years.

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